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  • Cat & White: Anubis BW 1

    Cat & White: Some portraits

    Well, my favorite models again. Our two tom cats are always fun to shoot, especially when they in playing mood.…

  • Over see

    Over see

    A small stream nearby where I live has some interesting vegetation surroundings. I thought I could capture a long exposure…

  • White lines

    White Lines

    Well, this are the motifs, why black and white photography even exist: The almost pure separation of black and white.…

  • Into the hallway

    Into the hallway

    When I first saw this hallway, I thought about what’s interesting about it. Then a short beam of sunlight showed…

  • Door to where

    Door to where … ?

    A lone doorway in between plants and shrubs … where to does it lead? Back in time? Ahead into the…

  • Hole in one

    Hole in one

    In this picture I like the geometry against the sky. Through the conversion to black and white, I decided to…

  • Its all only front

    It’s all only front

    Making photographs from buildings or things with repeating patterns is always interesting. So I found this front. And although it…

  • Dark Inbetweens

    Dark Inbetweens

    So I bought myself a neutral density filter … I never ever had a filter for my gear. But I…

  • Big city night: Stairs

    Big City Night

    As my wife and I went through the city in the night, I discovered this interesting staircase. I had to…

  • Anubis & Horus

    Anubis & Horus

    Isen't that sweet, two young kittens lay together for a nap. The "brothers in sleep" are always worth a shot.