Quentin and Brad … and so much more

Quentin and Brad … and so much more
6. October 2012 Pixelschubser

So you want to meet celebrities? And you want to be right next to them. Well … just go and do it!

It was a beautiful day today. Sun was shining, the weather was really unrealistic sunny and warm for a day in october here in vienna. My wife and I went to our local amusement park, the Prater. You know, Vienna Giant Wheel, roller coaster, bumper car, lots of screaming and squeaking girls and much more food stands.
I wasn’t here for quite some years, but I found out, that the Prater has not much changed ever since. Only here and there are some new attractions, most of the gaming halls are gone (no wonder since almost every new mobile phone nowadays has the graphic power of those ol’ arcade machines). The main entrance place (there, where the giant wheel is located) was rebuild and has something new: a new spawn of Madam Tussaud’s famous waxwork. It was my first experience ever with Madame Tussaud’s in real life. Before I only knew it from tv and internet. But now that it is also available here in vienna, we gave it a try. And it’s really astounding.

Almost every figure comes as real as it’s original. I say almost, because some figures are, in my opinion, kind of bad. I mean, we humans learn since our baby age to read and judge faces. So a face is always the hardest part to recreate. That holds true for every living (or dead) person we have seen and known. For instance we know Elvis Presley, David Hasselhoff or Angela Merkel. All of them are somehow “odd” with their faces. Others like Falco, Morgan Freeman or the Dalai Lama are really well made and almost life-like. And people we don’t know, like Mozart (in the sence of “knowing from photos or the like), can’t really be judged if done right or wrong, because of the lack of visual reference.

Overall it was a very pleasing experience, you can have fun taking pictures with the  figures while using requisites.  And although the entry price is somewhat fiercely (€18,50 per adult) I sure will visit Madame Tussaud’s once more, perhaps when the Prater will open up again next year. Because now the Prater closes his doors for the winter time.
But this will be the time for me to visit those empty sideways again and take some new shots from those old carnival booths. Stay tuned till I’m posting it.