Art, Performance, Show, Fun … Blue Man Group!

Art, Performance, Show, Fun … Blue Man Group!
31. December 2010 Pixelschubser

Sooo … my wife made me a gift on christmas … a ticket for the “Blue Man Group” Show here in vienna.
OK, I didn’t know _anything_ about this guys except what I did see a few months ago in a game show on tv. There they where as guest act and they did a small performance there. And it looked quite cool, so I said to my wife: “Hey, this looks cool, we should try to see them some time.”

And tonight was the night: As some sort of year-ending-event, we went to the “Blue Man Group” Show and what can I say: it was AWESOME!
This was such a creative, artsy, funny and performance-explosive show I’ve ever seen so far. I am an drum-addict, so it was such a pleasure to see those intense drum-performance on stage. The acting was great, the humor hilarious and the music deep. All those things together forms a stage performance you have to see. A minor issue would be a few moments in the first third of the show where it is a bit lengthy (they look and seek a special person in the audience to come on stage with them to perform a fantastic slapstick piece), but if you see this as some kind of performance-need, it’s quite OK.

So overall, if you ever get the chance to get to the “Blue Man Group” … GO AND SEE THEM. It’s worth the money.